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65 years from its establishment to today  

The history of this brand began in 1948, when Gaetano Cascio moved from Sicily to Florence. After a long period of work in the perfume field with a French Maison, Cascio opened the first atelier in Florence for the creation and production of jewelry. In fact, Cascio's family history teems with experience in creating fine jewelry..

Il marchioGaetano Cascio, realized the importance of imitation jewelry in order to contrast with French and American items. His small workshop promptly began the production of Alta Gamma jewelry that were an immediate success in the American market..

The meeting that took place in 1955 with Giovanni Battista Giorgini was to prove pivotal in the development of  "BIJOUX CASCIO".  Thanks to his genius, he set up the first fashion show in which BIJOUX CASCIO appeared with the designer Giovanni Cesare Guidi.

That was the period in time when the revolutionary phenomenon of modern fashion was being born and what still makes Made in Italy what it is today. High fashion, pret-à-porter and all those creative fields were soon to be transformed... Our brand was part of that revolution- a revolution of taste, industry and creativity.

During those years, BIJOUX CASCIO would reign supreme on the catwalks of  PALAZZO PITT'S fashion shows.

Sfilate in Sala BiancaBIJOUX CASCIO has worked with brands like
 Emilio Pucci, Mila Schön, Capucci, Sorelle Fontana, Heinz Riva, Gattinoni,Ferragamo as well as Emilio Federico Schuberth. These ties would last for over 15 years. Our products have also become well known thanks to the opening of the store in Via Condotti in Rome, Italy. :

Gaetano Cascjo e Claudette Colbert

From there, international contacts began. Italian fashion shows were attended by mainly American buyers. This is how work with BONWIT TELLER, I. MAGNIN, HENRY BENDEL, LORD & TAYLOR, SAKS Fith Avenue, MARSHALL FIELD, CARSON SCOTT and MACY'S began.

In 1966, the flood in Florence which flooded the stores and workshops, led to the arrival of Riccardo Cascio. Gaetano would take Riccardo by his side in the creation of various collections and in the development of the company. Besides the stores in Via Tornabuoni and Via Por Santa Maria (in front of the Ponte Vecchio), Riccardo added a series of stores in franchising both in Italy and abroad.
La collana "10 Dischi"Riccardo Cascio's debut as designer is tied to the “40 Dischi” collection , designed and produced especially for EMILIO PUCCI, along with the “SWAKARA” collection. It was displayed in 1988 in Palazzo Pitti in the Galleria degli Argenti and was extrememly successful in fashion shows and sales.

In 1971 Riccardo Cascio designed a collection of bijoux for Jean Patou. It was the first time that an Italian brand found its way into the kingdom of French fashion. 

In 1968, the company creates the first animal figurines in enamel, and every year Cascio's “zoo” is enriched by new models. Because of their success, many clients now buy them as collector's items.

Lavoro al banco

For years now, the company has found its way into new markets, even beyond the USA. Bijoux Cascio's items are well known and now found in Canada, Australia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Europe. Authorized retailers have also been opened in Germany, Austria and France.

BIJOUX CASCIO has been producing goldsmith manufactured jewelry since 1948 in Florence, and since 2012 in Arezzo.

 These items have been, and always will be, marked by one sole and proud characteristic:

Creation and production take place in Tuscany through goldsmith manufacturing. 

 Since 1948, BIJOUX CASCIO
has employed effective marketing and merchandising campaigns,
together with an extraordinary innovative talent .

Take a look at some of these pictures from the company's archives.